Our school utilises the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) framework to help define, teach and support appropriate student behaviours. Our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Caring and Courage form the basis of our PB4L approach. This helps us to create a positive school environment that enables academic and social success for all students. This is based on the expectation that opportunities for learning and achievement increase if:

  • Our school environment is positive
  • Expectations are clear and consistent
  • Children are consistently taught desired behaviours
  • Children are consistently acknowledged for desired behaviours
  • Children are consistently responded to in a fair and equitable way

These behaviour expectations are framed in positive terms and classroom time is spent specifically teaching these in the same way that we plan lessons in mathematics and literacy. 

Incredible Years for Teachers

To further support the effectiveness of our PB4L approach the staff at our school receive training through the Incredible Years for Teachers programme. This training provides teachers with approaches to help turn disruptive behaviour around and create a more positive learning environment for their students. The programme covers:

  • building positive relationships with students
  • proactively preventing behaviour problems
  • using attention, encouragement and praise to turn behaviour around
  • motivating students by giving them incentives
  • helping students learn social skills, empathy and problem-solving
  • using appropriate consequences for undesirable behaviour

Incredible Years for Parents

Parents in our school are provide with the opportunity to participate in the Incredible Years for Parents programme. This highly successful support programme is run over 14 weeks for parents of children aged 3-8. It aims to provide parents with skills to better manage children with behavioural problems, creating a home environment that is conducive to positive social and educational outcomes.

Parents come together each week for around two hours and develop approaches to use at home with problem behaviours, such as aggressiveness, ongoing tantrums, and acting out behaviour, such as swearing, whining, yelling, hitting and kicking, answering back, and refusing to follow rules. The programme looks at:

  • making time to play and spend quality time with children and letting children lead the play
  • encouraging the behaviours parents would like to see, through setting clear rules and boundaries and using praise and encouragement
  • selectively using consequences, such as ignoring, loss of privilege, and time out.
  • Parents learn from each other and support each other.

If you would like to learn more about our PB4L approach for the Incredible Years for Parents programme please contact your child’s teacher or the school office.