Enrolment Information

Enrolment Scheme

Whangarei Primary has an enrolment zone applied by the Ministry of Education. A copy of the zone boundaries is available below. The enrolment zone means we are unable to accept enrolments from families living outside the zone unless there are sufficient spaces available for this. If necessary, a ballot for out-of-zone enrolments is held each year for any available places. The enrolment zone is in place to assist controlling roll growth. Should you wish to inquire about an enrolment for your child if you live outside the school’s enrolment zone, please see the out of zone enrolment form below or contact the school office. (09 438 3186)

Whangarei School Enrolment Zone:

Starting at the intersection of Kensington Avenue and Western Hills Drive the zone follows Kensington Avenue to the intersection of Kamo Road (exclusive of Park Avenue and Islington Street), across Kamo Road, turning into Nixon Street and then north along Princes Street which becomes Hassard Street, then goes on to the intersection of Hassard Street and Mill Road. Heads north up the centre of Mill Road to Whareora Road (excluding Churchill Street) and follows Whareora Road until it intersects with Clapham Road (excluded). The zone then retraces back along Whareora Road as far as the Hatea stream where it follows the waterline down to the Victoria Bridge, turning east along Riverside Drive (including all the roads coming off Riverside Drive) until it reaches Memorial Drive. It turns up Memorial Drive (including all of it) and then into Old Parua Bay Road, continuing past Konini Road, and on across country to the Awaroa Creek. Following the waterline it heads back to Riverside Drive and on to John Street Bridge, it then moves along Quay Street (including 37 Quayside) to Walton Street. It heads south-west along the centre of Walton Street (around the roundabout) and up the centre of Central Avenue. At the top of Central Avenue (odd numbers 35 and above included) it turns North up Fifth Avenue (including all of Fifth Avenue and High Oaks Way). Going down Selwyn Avenue to Western Hills Drive (including even numbers 130 to 298) it heads north, including both sides of Russell Road as far as the quarry garden entrance, back to the start at the intersection with Kensington Avenue.

All residential addresses on both sides of all roads and any no exit roads coming off boundary roads are included unless otherwise stated.

Out of Zone Application

If you are out of zone please fill in the enrolment form below and email to office@whangareiprimary.school.nz or if you prefer, drop it off at our school office.

Application for out of zone enrolment form

The Board of Trustees decides each year in September how many out of zone places will be available for the following year. This is advertised in our local newspaper and school media platforms.

Enrolment Information

New Entrant Information

Online Enrolment

Enrolment can now be done online. Before you start your online application, please read the following points.

Documentation is a critical part of the enrolment process and enrolment will not be processed without the following:

  • NZ Birth Certificate and/or NZ passport if NZ Citizen
  • Passport with a valid student visa if not NZ Citizen
  • Immunisation records (where applicable)

To enrol online, click the link below:

Please complete each section as fully as possible.  If information is missing, we will not be able to process your enrolment.

Please note ETAP is our school online student management system.  Information you record onto this website is safe and security protected for your privacy.  Whangarei Primary School is the only organisation that can access this information.

Once you have summitted your online application, the office will get in contact with you regarding your pre-enrolment process.

Please Note: Summitting this form does not confirm your enrolment, you will have to wait for confirmation from our office staff.