Learning Support

Learning Support offers individualised tutoring, resources and advice for the specific needs of struggling learners, their parents and teachers. No two children share the same set of strengths or areas of weakness. Our effective programmes utilise each child’s strengths in order to build on their specific areas in need of development.

Our learning support programme is overseen by our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO). Our support programme includes Reading Recovery and the use of other individualised and group interventions for students who need remedial support in reading, spelling and writing. We are also fortunate to have a full-time mathematics specialist teacher who works with small groups of students who need more individualised support to catch up to the rest of the class.

A visiting resource teacher for learning and behaviour (RTLB) is linked to our school, as is a speech therapist for those children that have more specialised needs.

Whenever a child receives any sort of additional learning support we seek to involve parents as much as possible in the intervention. This includes drafting an individualised learning support programme in partnership with the learner, their parents, class teacher and learning support teacher to help ensure the full success of the programme.