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Ero Report for July 2014

Term Dates for 2015
Term 1
Monday 2nd & 
Tuesday 3rd February:           Teacher only days
Thursday 2nd April:                Last day of term
Term 2
Monday 20TH April:                First day of term
Friday 3rd July:                      Last day of term
Term 3
Monday 20th July:                  First day of term
Friday 25th September:          Last day of term
Term 4
Monday 12th October:            First day of term
Friday 18th December:           Last day of term


Dear Parents

I am writing to inform you that tonight’s concert has been cancelled due to the bad weather. I am sure this does not come as too much of a surprise given the downpours and windy weather that we have experienced over the past few days.

While we had initially thought that we would postpone the concert to Wednesday evening if we cancelled today, the weather still looks very unsettled for tomorrow too. Therefore we have taken the decision to cancel this too. This has not been an easy decision particularly because the students and teachers have put in so much work in preparing for the concert however, luck has not been with us this year and we are not going to get a sufficiently long break in the weather to make it happen.

I would like to thank Rob Soar and all of the parents that had volunteered to help with the set up. Similarly, I would like to thank Maggie Dixon Real Estate and Smith & Davies Transport for their willingness to supply a truck to help transport the staging we had planned to use free of charge; and also IC Motors, Whangarei Girls High and the Northern Youth Theatre for their willingness to lend us their stage blocks.


Warm regards

Martin Van Rijswijk



Preparing Students for Life Long Learning


The Board of Trustees, Friends of the School, Staff and Pupils welcome you and your family to Whangarei Primary School; a school we are proud of. We do hope that you enjoy and benefit from your association with us and invite you to be involved with the school in as many ways as possible.


Whangarei Primary opened in 1872 and has grown with the town. Our roll fluctuates between 450 and 550 pupils in twenty four classrooms. A feature of the school is that we run special programmes for Extension, Music, Te Reo Maori, ESOL and Children with Special Needs. This ensures that these children are given opportunities that they may not get in other primary schools.

The Board of Trustees, Friends of the School and Staff are proud of the school and are committed to providing an environment that enhances effective learning for our students and conducive working conditions for the members of staff.


At Whangarei Primary we aim to develop a climate in which your child feels secure and happy in the knowledge that they are valued as an individual. We provide opportunities for children to develop skills, interests, attitudes and knowledge appropriate to their needs.


Our subject content is directed by the New Zealand Curriculum, this is refined by the staff and board into our school curriculum so that it reflects the needs of our pupils and current educational trends.

While our major focus is on Literacy (Oral/Written/Visual Language and Reading) and Numeracy (Mathematics) we are also responsible for providing our students with a balanced education including Inquiry Learning, Science, Social Science, Health and Physical Education, Technology and the Arts. We have a Te Reo Maori Teacher and each child in the school has the opportunity to an introduction to this language. We provide our students with the skills associated with research and problem solving, as we have a well-equipped Library and an excellent computer network.

Murals around our school.